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          Brief Introduction of China Coated Asphalt Market in 2023

          What is coated asphalt?Coated asphalt is a kind of surface modification treatment agent for graphite materials. After carboni...

          Time:2023-08-04 Read More

          Shenghong Group's Energy Storage Battery Project Begins Construction,Fueling Growth in the Market

          Recently, it has been reported that Shenghong Group‘s energy storage battery super factory and new energy battery researc...

          Time:2023-07-21 Read More

          Classification of Graphite Carbon Anode Materials and Their Advantages and Disadvantages

          Graphite carbon anode materials can be divided into three categories: natural graphite, artificial graphite, double graphite....

          Time:2023-07-17 Read More

          Positions Availiable!

          Recently, our company is sincerely recruiting foreign trade sales personnel in the established Shenyang office, with preferen...

          Time:2023-05-18 Read More

          Application Value of Graphite Powder in Battery Production

          As an important material, graphite powder is widely used in various fields of industrial production. In the production of bat...

          Time:2023-07-13 Read More

          Nearly $80 million! Photovoltaic Dark Horse Crossover Lithium Battery Dream Broken

          For the cross-borderers, it is appropriate to carefully examine the new areas to be involved in, carefully evaluate and balan...

          Time:2023-07-13 Read More

          What Are The Li-ion Battery Anode Materials?

          The biggest difference between lithium-ion batteries and secondary lithium batteries is that the former uses Li-embedded comp...

          Time:2023-07-13 Read More

          Five Core Elements of Website Construction

          Five Core Elements of Website Construction  In order to implement network marketing, enterprises need to make websites first. Website is composed of many Web pages, and the design of these pages directly affects whether the website can be w......

          Time:2018-12-20 Read More

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